As I go through and create this demonstration site for the online Portfolio course I’ve been putting together for Udemy, I sometimes have occasion to think about the journey the brought me here and all the amazing people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had along the way. I think about the years I spent in Seattle working for huge companies such as Microsoft to the various high-tech start-ups I poured my soul into. It’s been incredible and I’m grateful for all of it. My hope is that at least some of what I’ve learned will help others succeed in their own careers and reach those goals whatever they might be.

Seattle Space Needle

Postscript – I am writing, or rather re-writing this paragraph now that the process of actually building this course is over. It’s been an epic process and while I loved every minute of doing it, I’m also supremely happy it’s up and live. Each time I make these kind of training programs, I learn a ton and much of it the result of changing conditions or unexpected situations. This one has been especially complex to produce, but in that experience, it has also proven especially gratifying.

I hope you love it. I hope you share with me your own portfolio and successes. I hope you contact me if you need help or want feedback and encouragement. We learn from each other and ourselves in equal measure. In my own career path, I have stood on the shoulders of giants and through this course maybe some of their generosity, wisdom and skills will be passed on. I hope when the time comes in your own career, that you can help others the way I have been helped and mentored.

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