Dale Cody

Crayon Ninja

An award-winning Creative Director and Trainer, I have worked with some of the most successful companies and brands on the planet. My own illustrations, photographs and written work have been published online and in print as well as broadcast media. Your success is my success.

I want to help you succeed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just out of school, mid-point in your career or even a business in need of training and instructional design assistance. I have a huge toolbox full of knowledge, skills and techniques gained from more than 20 years providing solutions for some of the best known and most successful companies on the planet. In addition to private industry, I have personally taught hundreds of students in formal academia as Adjunct Faculty, Guest Speaker and even Visual Communications Dept. Chair.



     I work with individuals at all levels to improve their career trajectories, performance and compensation. For people in traditional creative fields, it begins with crafting a powerful portfolio that connects with business and hiring managers in ways that put you ahead of the pack. That is only the beginning however. I’ll work with you to personalize effective strategies that you can employ throughout your career for meteoric growth and continuing success.


    I will help you to identify that perfect and unique sweet spot that each of us has, where our passions, rock-star skills, and revenue producing market opportunities all come together in perfect harmony. The idea has its roots in concepts such as Dharma and Ikigai, but you might call it career bliss as well. It’s one thing to follow your dream, but another to generate a great income and find enduring abundance.


    I teach and mentor students globally in several disciplines such as UI/UX, Front-End Web Development and Mobile Application Design. I also teach software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom and DreamWeaver etc. While I do conduct workshops and online training, I also work one-on-one with students looking for personalized instruction.


    Using ADDIE, SAM, GLM and other industry standard methods, I  have been crafting effective training solutions for client organizations and academia for over 20 years. I can work within your budget and timeline to customize an effective and engaging training solution for any need or audience.


    For both organizations and individuals interested in Leadership and Management techniques, I offer workshops as well as one-on-one training. I combine my own experience as a Creative Director with proven techniques taught in business schools and elsewhere. If you’re someone relatively new to management or working actively to achieve this kind of role, then I strongly encourage you to participate in this training.